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Vebtr® is the first ecommerce accelerator to help your company grow faster, protect your brand, and sell globally on ecommerce marketplaces, D2C, and other digital channels.

How Partnership Works

buy-inventory01. We buy your inventory.

Since the beginning of its partnership with brands, it cuts them a
six-figure cheque of the inventory that it expects to sell in the first
few months. As sales continue, it buys more inventories. This process
helps the brands grow their sales.

02. Explore expedite loop

Vebtr helps businesses optimize their online presence, improve their
customer experience, and accelerate their ROI.  OMS and WMS technology,
FBM, WFS, cold ship, cross dock, and more.


03. Make operational decision.

Using data insights from its software, the company monitors content
performance and execute strategies for revenue growth and brand control.
Because of this, after a few months, the margins of brands will grow as
pricing begins to stabilise. Also, content optimizations set the brands
apart from their competitors


04. Ensures fulfilment.

No matter where the brands want to ship their products, Vebtr
distribution centres will make sure customers are satisfied with the
delivery time as well as the product quality. It does FBA and FBM with
more than 75 quality controls.


05. Future expansion.

Once the brands start growing on Amazon and other marketplaces and
achieve control, Vebtr will look for global expansion opportunities and
the marketplaces that it can dominate next. This way, it helps the
brands stay ahead of their competitors by thinking big and entering new
markets first.


98% Customer Retention

Top brands trust us to accelerate their global ecommerce business. Our deep and long-lasting partnerships are a testament to our results.


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