Our Partnership Model

Let us become your authorised Amazon seller in the Middle East, and grow your marketplace sales while protecting your brand.

We are the ecommerce partner of choice for a growing number of consumer brands; acting as their authorised marketplace seller. As well as being one of the largest Amazon sellers in the world we are also present on Noon, Tmall, eBay, Lazada, and others. Backed by our expertise and proprietary technology we are able to take the problem of selling on Amazon completely off your hands.

Our unique model delivers growth and control to brands selling on Amazon and other marketplaces, with Pattern taking care of every aspect of their marketplace presence and utilising our proprietary technology to optimise and report on key success metrics.

Unlike an agency, we buy stock from our brand partners; and so when you sign up to work with Pattern, we pay you.

Our Partnership Model



We buy your inventory

Starting from day one of our partnership, we’ll cut you a six-figure check of all the inventory we’ll sell in the first few months. As we sell it, we'll keep buying more. Have fun explaining the growing sales numbers to your boss.

We sell your product

Our team of marketplace experts, brand managers, digital marketers, and creatives are now an extension of yours to sell your product on Amazon and other marketplaces. Finally, you'll have the bandwidth to execute all your ecommerce goals.

We tackle fulfillment

Whether you're shipping to UAE or KSA, our distribution centers will make sure customers are happy with delivery time and product quality. We can do FBA & FBM with 75+ quality controls.

You achieve profitable growth & control.

Using data insights from our software, Predict, we'll monitor content performance and execute strategies for revenue growth and brand control. After just a few months, your margins will grow as pricing begins to stabilise and content optimisations set you apart from the competition.

We look to the future.

Once you've got Amazon and other domestic marketplaces growing and under control, we'll look at global expansion opportunities and the marketplaces we can dominate next. Stay a step ahead of competitors by thinking big and entering markets first.

Our Partners

Over 100 brands already trust Pattern as their exclusive ecommerce partner because of our relentless obsession with partner success.

Why Partner With Vebtr?

We're on the same team.

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